Restaurant Evaluation

Burger King Your Name Your School Restaurant Evaluation Walking into a fast food joint, one expects to be met by a sweet aroma of the delicious foods that are quite appealing. Considering they are supposed to serve customers as fast as they can while at the same time maintaining quality service. Upon entering a fast food restaurant, one would expect to have a view of the whole place in a glance, with counters just around the bend for customers to make their purchase. One would also expect to find people around helping customers make fast purchases as well as clearing tables for people to eat.
Without such quality, a fast food restaurant cannot be up to par. Burger King is the fast food restaurant I visited a few days ago, and fortunately did not disappoint my expectations; rather, I was surprised by their smooth, fast service and tasty foods as well as the restaurant itself. Once I entered the restaurant, I was met by the aroma of grilling hamburgers and other foods, which is not usually the norm in other fast food restaurants, where food is mostly micro waved. The interior of the restaurant is well designed, spacious to allow many people to be served at the counter without much congestion.
Their prices are well marked on the menu, which is well labeled with pictures that are just as alluring as the aroma. Just as their phrase suggests, “Have it your way,” one can ask their hamburger to be made the way they want. This makes it ideal for everybody rather than having to standardize everything to suit all, which is not possible. For instance, when ordering a whopper, you can choose what to be included in it to suit your preference. This makes it a strong point for people who want a hamburger served with what they want.

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On the other hand, it serves as a weakness since having to order it the way you want takes a little more time and this requires patience. The tables are well set with enough space between them and decoration is just good for a fast food restaurant. This gives space for people to have their meal easily in less congestion. However, this has its weakness considering the restaurant is frequented by many customers at one time especially during lunch hour. Many people may want sitting space but due to their spaciously arranged tables, they can only provide a few with sitting space, forcing people to carry their orders, even if they may not want to.
Entering at around 2. 00 P. M. , I was already receiving my order the way I wanted it in less than five minutes after direction from one of the workers in the restaurant who offered me help with my order. The restaurant is well set with counters strategically positioned to access from any table in their restaurant with ease. After receiving my order, finding a table was not easy considering it was still a few minutes from 1 o’clock when many people are on lunch break. I ordered a Whiplash Whopper that appealed to me, first from its name. I expected quite nourishment from it.
The sandwich came with a whopper meat stacked in it, with spicy crispy fried onions, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, pepper and cheese. The ingredients were well balanced with the meat being standard, fresh lettuce, and the crispy onions added to the experience. The meat itself was well grilled and soft though I prefer it a little crunchy and more burnt. The other spices were on a fair balance and I could have loved a little more pepper in it as well as tomato. The hamburger was quite delicious and every single bite was an experience different from other hamburgers I have taken.
Although not everything was according to my taste, most of what I look for in a hamburger was there. Going at $3. 99, it was worth the amount and most definitely, I am sure I will come again to this restaurant to try other foods. Burger King has many competitors such as McDonalds among other fast food restaurants owned by individuals. The location of the Burger King serves as the strategic point of having such a facility considering the many people who want to save as much time as they can. This makes it ideal for people working around there, as it is quite convenient.
This is one of its strong points but also its weak point. During the day, since there are many people working around here, it has many customers, but during the night, there are fewer customers. In conclusion, the restaurant is well above the standards and the food served is delicious and to high standards just as the restaurant itself. In the first criteria of the service delivery, the restaurant was average when it came to the sitting area. Everybody knows that fast foods are not required to have spacious, luxurious sitting spaces.
Burger King can increase their table to accommodate more people. In terms of the food served, it is quality and delicious. Since it is a fast food, one expects the food to be easy to pack or take away since many people may choose to carry their food. Burger King has achieved this by cooking their food through grilling, which ensures food does not break up when heating unlike microwave food. Finally, its locations serves them well during the day and it is at a hot point. They can only accommodate more during the day to compensate during nighttime.

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