RLGN 360 Forum 4 (Module 8)

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Discussion Board Forum 4,  It must also meet the required word count of 250500 words

Note: For the forums using the Coley book (Forum 4 and Forum 8), please make sure to include clear support from this textbook in your thread and your replies. In specific, please include at least 2 direct quotes from the Coley text, including page numbers.

1) What does the word metacognition mean? Can you think of an example that you can share from your own personal experience?

2) It seems that a popular approach to sermon or teaching preparation is to complete this task alone. One way to combat creating ones presentations or sermons is a vacuum is to prepare with a team. What are some benefits of developing sermons or teaching presentations with a team or group? What are some potential downsides to a team approach to sermon or teaching preparation?


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