Romeo’s Extreme Emotions In Play

Romeos guilty pleasure. He does not actually like Juliet at this moment when they meet. He just wants to mend his broken heart by finding a new girl. He even goes far to say, ‘This love feel I, that no love in this’ (1 . 1. 171) to show his feelings of being hurt. Romeo believes that no one loves him. This quote shows Romeos unstable emotions by his complete devastation over one girl. He either is very happy or very depressed there is no middle ground, or in other words, he is black and white. Another example where Romeo shows extreme behaviors is during Act II, scene II, “The Balcony Scene.
In this scene Juliet is on her balcony fantasizing about Romeo. Romeo overhears her and they begin to talk about their love for each other. When Juliet starts to worry about their family rivalry Romeo says, ‘My life were better ended by their hate, Than death prorogued, wanting my love’ (2. 1. 81-82). He is basically saying that he would rather die now than die later without Gullet’s love. This is strange for someone to say after just meeting. After first seeing someone you would not want to risk your life for them. You would want to get to know the person before making such a bold statement.
Romeo is not your average typical boy; he has extremities when it comes to his mood. Later on in the play, Romeo and Mercuric get into a fight with Table. There is one word that describes why this fight occurred in the first place, revenge. Revenge is the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffering at their hands. Revenge is cruel by making people act differently than what they would do with a clear mind. For example, revenge made Romeo kill Table and this is the start of the big downfall. This is the moment where light and dark imagery start to switch, the climax of the play.

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From the Chorus at the beginning of the play, Romeo and Juliet are said to be “fated” to die, even Romeo says, ‘This days black fate on Moe days doth depend; this but begins the woe others must end’ (3. 1. 1 10-111 This shows how people start to believe that death is the only solution to their problems. Light and dark imagery switch throughout the play once the climax was reached. In the beginning of the play, light was considered good and dark was considered bad. Now, after the climax, light is considered bad and dark is considered good. This would have to do with Romeos extreme actions by killing Table.
Once Romeo kills Table he knows that he is going to face battles. His life was already miserable just by shooting Table, but then Romeo is faced with another obstacle. Juliet is “dead”. In actuality she just drinks a poison that keeps her dead for a few hours and then she wakes up. But Romeo does not know about this. He thinks she is actually dead. This is when his extreme emotions start to show again. NOTES- -Gullet’s feelings for Romeo grow to the point where she feels her only escape is death- start to see her switch her mind process -He has strong feelings about every event that occurs throughout his life.

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