short theater essay.

I provide for you a word file which contains everything you need to complete this short essay. you are going to watch a short film about 14 min …and those are the things you have to do after that:
After viewing the short film “Our Time Is Up,” review the five components of the Plot Structrue Diagram. Identify each component in the film, and explain how your choice fits the description/function of each component. For example, identify the events of the film that comprise the Exposition, and explain how the events you have identified serve the function of the Exposition. Then do the following for the inciting event, rising action, climax, and falling action. You may do a short paragraph for each of the five plot structure components.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you write about each of the components IN ORDER (for example, start with the exposition rather than the climax).   
As you write, keep the following points in mind:

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The exposition introduces us to the NORMAL WORLD of the main character
The Inciting Moment or Inciting Event is the moment at which nothing will ever be the same for the protagonist.  It is a SINGLE EVENT that forever changes the protagonist’s life.  This usually occurs fairly early on in the plot
The Rising action takes most of the time in the plot.  This is the portion where events get increasingly complicated, and the audience still has questions about what will happen.
The Climax happens near the END of the plot.  It is usually a single event or a very short sequence of events where the tension in the plot reaches its highest point and then releases.  At this point, most of the audience’s questions about if events of the plot will turn out happily or unhappily will be answered.
The Falling Action is usually the last little bit of the plot where any final loose ends get tied up.  Since the tension is pretty much gone from the plot by this time, this is more about tidying up any small, less vital questions in the plot.  

The events of a plot are distinct (meaning one event in the film CAN NOT serve the purpose of more than one component of the plot).   In other words, one event can’t be BOTH the inciting event AND the climax, for example. 

The components of the plot will take place in order, so for example, the rising action will happen after the exposition and inciting event, not before. 

Essays should be 400-600 words long and be turned into the assignment dropbox by the due date. Proper grammar and spelling is expected in this and all written assignments.
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