Smallest Contribution Towards the Society

How can we contribute towards our society in the smallest possible way? We are apes,copycatsof west in Culture,Fashion,Independence,Freedom. We as individuals need to understand our responsibility. Our youths have loved their dresses,became party animals,night owls have engaged live-in relationships. Teenagers can be seen flaunting in front of their comrades. But friends i would like to raise a question ain’t we trampling our freedom? Are we really behaving as human beings and not opportunist animals who encroach the shelters of others?
In abroad no one makes parks,streets,pathways dirty by spitting,spilling left over drinksor beverages,chips wrappers,beverage cans etc. every Indian may be living in a small town,district,city,metro enjoys same menatility “keep your house clean” . If a person is living in a flat , they are not worried about the cleanliness of the space around stairs ,lift, outside their flat. If a person residing in a independent house they are not bothered about the street just following to their house ,opens stinking potholes.
I want to cater attention of the so called civilised individuals busy discussing about politics ,technologies , duties , knowledge, when they themselves make the nation gardens ,streets deterrant by throwing away non-renewal plastic bags , banana peels disposable plats on the road. People blame goverment for not placing dustbins but what about places where scrap container are available but still we don’t realize our duty and dispose garbage not in place. we go for picnics , parties ,long drives to enjoy nature ,food and return home after having a blast leaving that place in a mess.

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It leaves me flabbergasted that the destination point or the road leading to it can remain so beautiful if we are not selfish and think of others and make it a point that we are not going to dispose any waste in open surroundings. We are 1. 2 billion why engage more people in maintaining or cleaning but to emphasize that large chunk of our population should be engaged in creation . We can have not only our homes clean but offices,markets,parks,colleges,,schools,temples,mosques,churches,railway stations,cinema halls/multiplexes,toilets etc.
Only one thought of treating every public place as your own home and trying to keep that place clean for the next user can be real help for our society. A large amount of money to maintain public places can be saved if we show our concern and just dispose garbage at proper place allocated for it. Large amount of funds which are wasted in cleaning the clutter can be channelised and used for the upliftment of the under privileged,downtrodden. May lord convey this polite request of care and concern about others to all the citizens

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