Soc-520 topic 5 lesson plan and technology portfolio

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SOC-520 Technology Resources Portfolio

To be able to utilize various technology resources inside the college classroom, it is essential for the sociology professor to have a portfolio of resources to refer to and to recommend to students and/or other faculty. This assignment will assist you in creating that portfolio.

Conduct research for various technology resources that college professors can use inside their classrooms in order to facilitate pedagogy:







Trello is a project management tool as well as a blogging   tool. It is streamlined and doesn’t have a lot of clutter. 

College professors could use this tool to create a blog   where they could communicate to their students about sociology topics,   current events, course assignments, etc. 

Professors could also have students use this tool to   create their own blog as a class assignment. 


, select one sociology topic from the list below:

· Problems of Social Inequality

· Social Change

· Social Institutions

Using the selected topic, create a lesson plan about the topic that utilizes one of your technology resources above. Use the table below to create your lesson plan:




Lesson Title:




Duration of lesson:




Anticipatory set: 


Activities/Tasks (align with objectives):


Assessments (align with objectives):


Facilitation   method: Explain how you will integrate the selected technology resource   into your teaching and learning. (75-100   words)

How will you engage   students? (50-75 words)


Recommend a   technology resource for college students of sociology to use in their   academic careers:

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