social entrepreneurial venture

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Although still a long way to go, the business mindset has changed and many companies are abandoning the old paradigm of putting profit before ethics or integrity and have started to look more outward towards helping communities that are in need of what in developed economies would be a given.

You should put together an idea for funding and/or approval. You should focus on one of the following three topics: Rural Mobility, Urban Mobility or Freight, you may choose whichever you prefer so long as its only one. Please note that topics that fall under the broader category of Access to Energy (like renewable energy and so on) are not part of the remit and will not be accepted.
Your proposal must include the following:
1. Your Value Proposition (include both social value proposition and Impact measures that is How will you show that you are creating social impact?)
2. Key Resources and Capabilities (What resources and capabilities will you need to run
your activities? People, finance, access?)
3. Partners & Key Stakeholders (Who are the essential groups you will need to involve to
deliver your programme? Do you need special access or permissions?)
4. Key Activities (What programme and non-programme activities will your organisation be carrying out? Which will you keep in-house and which will you rely on external expertise from and how do you see these changing in the future)
5. Cost Structure (What are your biggest expenditure areas? How do they change as you
scale up? How would you invest any profits?) Note: This is only a preliminary exercise,
you need to come up with an approach; a full financial feasibility analysis with exact
figures and so on is not required at this stage. However, you must produce high level
estimated figures to indicate magnitude.
6. Type of Intervention (What is the format of your intervention? Is it a workshop? A
service? A product?)
7. Segments (Who is the customer, i.e. who are the organisations or people who will pay
for this service? Who is the beneficiary of this initiative? What do your customers want to
get out of this initiative?)
8. Channels (How are you reaching your beneficiaries and customers?


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