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Advertisement Analysis Assignment
Campaigns for environmental responsiveness have been going on for quite a long time.
Like other publicizing and advertising campaigns, the message for environmental consciousness
loses its influence on the intended audience if not constantly redesigned. Environmental
advertisements have been in existence for a long time. Campaigns to enhance environmental
protection began during the industrialization era. Several modern environmental regulations have
been created to control the alarming environmental degradation rates (Sartzetakis and
Xapapadeas, 3). The subjects have not significantly changed, and the majority of the
environmental visual arts appear equally similar. Luckily, several great online visual adverts and
designs have maintained the calls alive and the awareness essentially relevant to daily human
experiences. Individuals and organizations have come up with creative environmental
consciousness visuals that inspire and keep the campaign for a greener world going.
To make the world aware of the destruction caused by consumer behavior, creative and
interesting adverts have been frequently used in various places in the campaign against pollution
and proper waste management. The “City’s Live Green Toronto website” is an example of a
creative environmental ad. The website provides techniques, tools, and materials to assist the
residents of Toronto in maintaining a green living and acting on the climatic changes. The
advertiser website is partitioned into various units with subjects on how to lead a green life and

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extend it to the locality. It offers ways of getting involved in the neighborhood, and the
individuals and the firms make a difference. The site also has insights that empower Toronto’s
young environmentalists to participate in their backgrounds and schools. The website uses a
visual of a bike with a green tree as the rider. The visual aims to create awareness of the
environmental pollution caused by vehicle emissions from using petroleum products (Benea,
2018). The image’s main purpose is promoting clean air, reducing pollution, and encouraging
residents to use bikes instead of public and private vehicles. The visual reveals how a simple
action like using a bicycle as the primary mode of transport could make a difference in reducing
the amount of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe. The visual descriptions use a calm and
persuasive tone that appeals to the audience and encourages residents …

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