SOLUTION: University of West Georgia SH Lee Foundation Grant Proposal Project

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The CharitAble, New Orleans wish to apply for a grant of $65,000 for the new educational
building, library and the related infrastructure for the same.
Established in 1990, The CharitAble has worked for the upliftment of the downtrodden and
deserted children. The organization started with a handful of members. However, it soon fetched
the attention and attracted a lot more members and donors working towards the mission of the
Mission: To provide help and hope to those in need; to serve the humanity.
Highlighting the broad objectives the organization is working on
1. To help in taking education related activities to the poor and the needy
2. To provide assistance to the deprived section of the society to lead a better useful life
3. To identify spheres in which social work is required and to start appropriate projects with
service to humanity as the end in view
4. To work for the welfare of children
5. To make senior citizens useful sector of the society involving in day to day activities as
per capability
6. To educate people in establishing clean, green and pollution-free environment
7. To inculcate in and encourage men and women, who have the capacity and are willing to
devote it, to undertake social work in the service of the needy.
8. To set up Senior Citizens’ Homes for the aged persons, working homes for destitute
women, loving homes for neglected children and rehabilitation homes for the
9. To run education institutions, training institutions and publish books, reports, journals,
magazines, newspapers, thesis, periodicals, writings, researches, and documents.
10. To construct, develop, improve or alter and keep in repair any building acquired or used
by the organization and to demolish or dispose off any building no longer required.
The organization has conducted a variety of activities since its formation. Some of the major
ones include

Warm clothes and blanket donation drives
Sanitation drives
Education for the underprivileged
Regular visits and donations to old age homes
Awareness drives on mental health, hygiene, educational etc.

Organization Structure
Board of Directors
, M.D., Chairman,
, President and CEO,
, Director,
, Executive Vice President,
, Spokesperson,
, Executive Advisor to the President,

Officers of the Board
Vice Chairman,
Assistant Treasurer,
Assistant Secretary,
Key Employees
, Chief Operating Officer
, Vice President of Finance and CFO
, Vice President of Operation Christmas Child
, Vice President of Programs and Government Relations
Of the activities mentioned, the education for the underprivileged was started in February this
year at the Kentwood of New Orleans. The collective efforts of some 20 members of the
organization went door-to-door to collect stats from 615 households. Close to 450 children were
identified who were deprived from basic education owing to poor financial conditions of their
parents. Another 200 children attended schools but did not have the required text books and other
basic needs. As per the study conducted, the schools they attended were also running on fewer
infrastructures and not well-educated staff. The taught concepts were not clear to these students.
If they are to continue this kind of schooling, then a help probably in the form of tuitions is
required for them.
Keeping that in mind, we started classes for some 100 children (80 who did not go to schools &
20 who went to schools). With lack of basic infrastructure ourselves, we took a room on lease
and started with our program. Though staff is not much of a problem for us, we do need rooms,
boards, chairs & tables, as a bare minimum to support the education of these kids.
With the fund we are requesting we’d like to open an educational institute for primary classes.
The same would be equipped with 20 rooms which would include class rooms, library, staff
room, stationery room, dormitories, medical room and a store room. We will be starting with the
basic infrastructure, and would add to it in the future based on the requirement, our progress
towards our mission and funds we are able to fetch.
At the moment, we are able to cater to only 100 children, when there are at least 800 children in
need of basic education. Even for these 100 students, we are not able to deliver the best that they
deserve due to lack of funds and required infrastructure.
The funds we have received so far from our generous donors have helped us fulfill our mission at
a small scale. However, seeing the reality and the goals we need to accomplish, we need to
expand our horizon. For this, we are no short of manpower, zeal and time. However, we do need
financial assistance to move forward.
While surveying the households of Kentwood, we realized that the problem of education in the
region is not recent. 80% of the adults were not literate enough to even openly converse with us.
They were working on menial jobs to fulfill their daily needs and to support their families. They

earn only enough to pull on their daily meals and the most basic requirements of a human. As a
result, their offspring are deprived of even basic education and our forced to start working at an
early age. This has continued like a vicious cycle for quite some time now. It’s now time to break
the chain and help the children of these families to study, get good jobs, and provide for …

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