Starbucks Self-Service Kiosk

in the cost, price and probability part we have to talk about the price of our kiosks and how much they would be?. Also, since we have to create a new software for kiosks you have to include how much that would cost as well. basically, how much it would cost to buy these kiosks or make them? and how much it cost to make the software for them. Also we need to see how this will make us a profit, so add how much you think we will make off it. so you could put  sales by 5% percent or whatever you want, and then put a reason why you think it will increase sales. provide justification for your pricing decision such as environmental influence competitor pricing, forecasted demand. so you can include competitors such as McDonalds who are also implementing these kiosks into their stores and compare those two    
discuss the Cost, Price & Profitability: Discuss your pricing strategies in detail (use tables, charts if necessary). Also, provide justification for your pricing decision such as environmental influences (e.g., competitor pricing, forecasted demand, etc.), positioning of the company/brand, and projected cost and profit.  3 paragraphs 

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