Statistical methodology

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using R to get relevant output

the data will be given

1.The data from a survey of workers. You have been asked to analyze the results for evidence of sex discrimination. How would you do this? Describe the methods you

would use and implement to construct what you consider the best model, given the data you have. State the equation of the best model and attach relevant output. Be

careful to use only statistical tests that are appropriate for the data you have.

workerssmall20 has the following variables:

Sex 0,1 1 = female

Education ordinal, 1-6, but could be used as quantitative

Experience quantitative

Distance quantitative

Salary quantitative


categorical 1 = executive, 2 = administrative, 3 = manufacturing

could be considered as ordinal

Bonus 0,1 1 = received a bonus

In your analysis, describe each statistical test (including the hypothesis you are testing)

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