ASSIGNMENT HELP | Choose one subculture from the list

This assignment asks you to choose one historical or contemporary subculture and prepare a research brief that explains and interprets your research. Using library resources, prepare a research document that describes your subculture’s origins, dress practices, political stance, and cultural activities.

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You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Choose one subculture from the list (or one of your own with prior approval from your instructors).
  2. Perform outside research and collect data – visit the New School/NYU libraries and use academic databases to find scholarly written research about your subculture. (Limit websites/social media, etc.)
  3. Document your findings in the brief, using citations and quotations as evidence to support your answers.

Here are the components you should include and the questions you should answer:  Origins

o Who was/is a member of this subculture? When and where did this subculture emerge?

o How did it develop? Did it grow out of or provide an alternative to existing subcultures?  Dress Practices

o What do members of this subculture wear? What characterizes their appearance (hair, makeup, accessories, for example)? Has their look been adopted by the fashion industry – if so, how?

o Does dress differ according to gender, ethnicity, age, or location? If so, what are the differences?  Political/Economic Stance

o What values and opinions do members of this subculture demonstrate? What attitudes and ideas do they try to convey? How active/political are they? What class relationships do they express?

o How do their dress practices convey these values, ideas, attitudes, and opinions?

  •  Cultural Activities o What objects do members of this subculture use? What activities do they perform?
    o How do their dress practices align with these objects and activities? (That is to say, why do they wear what they wear to do what they do?) (Think: homology and bricolage.)
  •  Images: Include at least two images that support your research. Include them at the end of your brief or alongside one of the components above. Cite the source of your images.
  •  Bibliography: Cite your sources according to Chicago style, and include every source that you use in a bibliography at the end of the brief. Use at least 5 to 7 separate sources, and limit non-scholarly sources.

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