Technical Writing, Project Specification Plan

Project Specification plan Sign-off sheet Name and Job title| Involvement in the project| Signature | Sharon Shameful,Chief Executive| -Signs off the project as a whole-Authorisation of interviews-Signs of on new project proposals| | Nathan SafeHuman Resources | -Hires new staff & also responsible for their interviews-Hires the technical writer-In charge of keeping up to date with staff reviews and reporting to management| | Money Penny Chief Financial Officer| -Signs off financial implications of the new policies and processes. Will provide financial background on health and safety training of staff. | | Mathew HandymanHealth & Safety officer & temporary Maintenance manager| -Signs off on the health and safety implications of the new policies and processes-Checks that proper health and safety procedure is implemented by all staff. -In charge of maintenance of all machinery and also trains new staff in using these. | | Hayden StarStaff Supervisor| -Supervisor ground staff-Interview new staff alongside human resource manager-Trains new staff in machinery| |
Purpose The purpose of this documentation project is to come up with a new, improved process to prevent any future accidents involving dangerous equipment and providing employees with improved policies with proper health and safety procedure to prevent these accidents. The deliverables are: * A description of the new process, written up as business proposal, which will include a swim lane diagram illustrating who does what, at which level. * Dangerous Equipment use policy. * Procedures or instructions for one of the employees.
The purpose of the documentation will be revised at daily meetings with the project manager, Nathan Safe. Definition of Audience Document| Audience | Audience Description| Business Proposal for training new staff and existing employees in the safe use of equipment| Management team| Has a good knowledge of finances and council operation as well as health and safety in relations to dangerous equipment| Dangerous equipment use policy| All Employees| Ground knowledge of all equipment. Some already experienced in use of dangerous equipments. Are motivated to learn more after what has happened to a staff member. Procedure for Health and Safety and Maintenance officer| Mathew Handyman| Knows all about the machinery on hand and also their safety policies, but needs to be more proactive. | Note 1. Bruce alongside with his supervisor Hayden and 2 other colleagues will be available throughout the project for user testing Relationship of these documents to others The new documentation will replace the outdated Dangerous equipment use policy that has proved to be ineffective. The new policy and procedures must: * Follow proper health and safety codes set by ACC Fit with the councils financial budget * Fit with local councils general health and safety policies Production Information The business proposal will be presented in both electronic and paper form. The electronic copy will be make it easy for new additions. The proposal will consist of 2 – 3 pages and will also include at least one swim-lane diagram (in colour). The dangerous equipment use policy will be delivered as one page printed document. This will be handed out to all ground staff and also copies will be posted in the staff room in the maintenance shed.

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Intranet file will also be available to staff via the council network. Procedures will be only handed to one employee who will have to include this in action daily. Writers requirement Project will be mainly carried out on the premises of Maurati local council. Finalising and part of the writing will be done at the technical writers home office. During the project, the council will provide the technical writer, * Access to meeting rooms for interviews * Access to relevant documents * Access to scanner Admin will be assisting with all the printing and scanning.
Originals will be printed by the technical writer at his preferred printing press. Nathan Safe, Money Penny, Mathew Handyman and Hayden Star will all be available for interviews during business hours. Sharon who is currently busy with the local gala will only be available on Friday. Ground staff will be available during their posted times, however, this will only be during their lunch hours. Free lunch vouchers will be handed at each interviews to all ground staff for taking time of their lunch to come for an interview.
The technical writer will report all interview of staff to Nathan Safe. Schedules and Milestones Project Stage| Tentative time of Completion | Initial Research * Informal talk with Staff * Relevant document investigations * Scheduling with SMEs| 15 May 2012| Development of the project * Actual interviews conducted * Rough swim-lane diagram | 16-18 May 2012| Draft proposal complete| 20 May 2012| Draft Policy and procedure documents complete| 23 May 2012| Feedback on proposal and policy draftsTesting of procedure draft| 24 May 2012| Revising & Editing| 25 May 2012|
Documentation Completed| 4 June 2012| Constraints Delays will be inevitable. Budget Technical writer’s work | Cost| Researching – 10 hours| $60 x 10= $600| Drafting Stage| $60 x 5= $300| Interview Staff and facilitating user-testing (vouchers will be provided free for charge to interviewees)| $60 x10= $600| Training Individual on Procedure| $60 x 10 =$600| Revising & Polishing – 10 hours| $60 x 10 =$600| Printing & Disbursement (standard) | $250| Total| $2,950 + GST|

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