The Birth of Complex Cells

Having more understanding of how the process of scientific inquiry works, t he more I felt that science is a result Of efforts made by scientists through the accumulation of time. For example, in order to provide an evidence that the SST art of a complex cells begins with having an ancestral cells hosting other living cells, scientists first need to search for an evidence that that living cell did exist.
The n, they have to provide an evidence HOW did the host cells symbiosis with the living c Hence, being able to see how science is conducted, I really appreciate all the perseverance and patience the scientists put into a research just to find ONE evidence to support/overthrow a theory. 2. The osmosis and strawberry DNA extraction lab allows me to understand h owe our cell membrane works and what it is made for. With the osmosis lab I understood odd how water follows from low concentration to high, and this experiment is important NT to how he nutrients are transported in and out of our cell through osmosis.
From the strawberry DNA extraction lab, we first added detergent to dissolve the outer membrane causing the strawberry DNA to isolate from the rest of the residua product. This allows us to know that membranes are made of lipids, which dish solve in detergent, giving us more clue on how did our ancestral cells “endoscopies NT” another living cell by making its way through the membrane. After reading this article I still wonder, in the beginning when the complex c alls are forming, why didn’t the ancestral cell tell the living cell apart from itself?

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Why our ancestral cell didn’t just eat and dissolve that living cell, instead symbiosis with I t? 4. 1 like the way the article discuss not only about the different possibilities of how a cell might have formed, but also the point of views the scientists have now an d then. Another thing I really enjoy reading about this article is that it carefully written out all the steps a scientist did to conduct an experiment, including the challenges a d the outcome he received.
Yet, on the other hand, I feel like this paragraph contain s way too much information needed for a beginner in biology to understand, include ding all the definitions of biological terms. 5. Yes, this paper really allows a student in biology to understand the origin of a cell, and how we became to be. Yet, I WOUld recommend this project to be assign eater on in the class because it contains great amount of information, and students wow old learn better corresponding to the knowledge they have.

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