The Causes of Commercial Bribery Crime

(1) From a historical point of view, in traditional Chinese culture, “human” is the social causes of commercial bribery. As everyone knows, China is a exquisite “courtesy demands reciprocity” state, courtesy demands reciprocity core is advocating “human intercourse”, in other words, Chinese person standards require that human relations between people..
This traditional culture extends to business, evolved into “If you want to profit from the others, it is necessary to give people the appropriate return” business philosophy. This way, “If you want to earn more profits from the others, you should give greater reward” is taken for granted. (2) From the reality of power distribution situation, there has too much monopolistic industry in China, some of the management and the staff has too much power, which gives commercial bribery great road system laid the Foundation.
Western economists had made the” Rent-seeking theory” to explain to the public rights advocates have with its control power for chip seek for their own economic interests phenomenon; According to the “power rent-seeking” theory, the power of the party will be looking for opportunities through the rent his power gain benefits, and possession of money but no dominant power a side is naturally will use their own money in exchange for power.

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There is no scientific and effective democratization and legalization power restriction mechanism premise, this inevitably appear using trading. (3) from actor inner point of view, the pursuit of maximization of interests huge internal power is the psychological causes of commercial bribery. The disadvantages is instinct. Each person can choose for their own works. In the business field, people tend to think hard to pursue the biggest profit.
So, in this kind of mentality, because of the doer in order to obtain the biggest commercial interests, of course, will by hook or by crook – including the use of bribery and corruption means. (4) from the market the demand and supply of resources allocation to see, relation between supply and demand imbalance is the production of commercial bribery market economic conditions.
Because the cause of the natural or man-made reasons, some material may be rare materials, will be in need greater than supply state; Some products and will appear supply is greater than demand state. Therefore, in the circulation of commodities in the process, in order to promote surplus commodities or buy shortage of goods, with excess goods party or need commodities in short supply party will by hook or by crook. Therefore, take commercial bribery seek market supply and demand balance of resource allocation is the unavoidable.

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