The Social Issues in China

The social issues in China are in point of fact varied and wide ranging. There are some problems that have affected the nation for quite long and a permanent solution has never been obtained. However, some have been affecting the nation, yet they do not hinder the citizens from growing economically.
Because of the vast number of these social problems, the government has faced considerable difficulties in trying to come up with solution to them. Most of these issues are addressed by the media. In so doing, some that are sensitive to the political issues may be considered. Some professionals hold that the China’s fragile social balance when combined with the bubble economy, contributes to instability of the country. On the same plinth, others argue that the societal trends in China have actually created a balance to sustain it.
For this reason, the paper will examine some of the social problems affecting the nation. By and large, it will majorly delve on employment and elitism and discrimination majorly affect the country socially. Moreover, it will examine on the causes of the problems, the effort made by the government to help solve the problems, the outcomes from the manner in which the problem is solved. Most importantly, some possible ways that can help reduce or solve the problems so that they do not inflict emotional and psychological pain to the recipients.

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Causes of Unemployment
Because there is difficulty in the state enterprise development, there is a reason for the laid off-off workers within most cities in China. Old state owned enterprises are facing serious losses and liquidating sine they do not have the capability to sustain a wide range of masquerading unemployment. On the other hand, the newly owned states leaders in most cases tend to unload themselves from the burden of outmoded workers.
They do this so that they can expand their profit margin. Moreover, there are some significant changes that have taken place in the industrial structure, and this has caused a lot of joblessness too many people. On the same regard, a number of large old and huge enterprises of the capital of goods produced are found to be increasingly difficult to bid for more orders because there is massive change for the demands of goods on the customers’ side, because of the new facilities.
Another major cause of unemployment worth pointing out is continued increasing of the surplus work force. The population growth of the country is increasing at an alarming rate and this makes the level of employment to go down. There are new entrants into the labor market hence makes the job opportunity to go down. As the population increases, the firms to absorb them reduce in number hence making the majority to become idle, because they do not have anything to keep them busy.
Another cause of is inadequate skills at workplace and lack of education. This has affected the great percentage of the China’s population. In an ideal world, there are quantities of people who cannot get jobs because of their little knowledge. Most of the companies in the country need enhancing, and must therefore get quality employees lest they stop operating.
Furthermore, another data shows that educational backgrounds of many people are directly intertwined to unemployment. Most of the unemployed people are those with little knowledge as far as the job they want is concerned. From the analysis it is inherent that the three are some of the major causes, and it is not only in the private sectors, but also a national problem which needs proper solution from both the labors and the government at large.
Government Effort to Solve the Problem
Despite the fact that these problems have affected the country both economically and socially, the government has tried at all cost to device methodologies to help curb the problems. First, the government has come up with the enrollment expansion plan. For the past twenty years, China’s college enrollment rate has stood to about three percent, which is much lower than most of the developed countries. On the same pedigree, the education department also sensed the need expand the enrolment rate in the colleges.
Also, the central government tried all ways out to deploy many measures in a bid to expand the rate of enrolment in school. This has been achieved through building of schools, hiring more professors from and outside the nation to help in impacting knowledge to the learners. Above all, offering scholarship to the poor students. By and large, the processes have greatly improved the illiteracy level in most of the people within the country and today, majorities are employed.
There has been increase in the demand and supply of the goods produced. In real essence, supplies do not only outweigh demand, but many of the employers have questioned the education that the college students have received. Because many learning institutions have been started, most young people are able to access, education in their line of specialization, and this has helped them a lot in their line of specialization as far as job market is concerned.
On the same line, students are made aware of the unemployment issues as early as they get into schools. Through this they are encouraged to work extra hard so that they evade the problem when they come out of school. In point of fact, one who does not have outstanding papers finds it difficult to secure job because of the competition in the job market.
The local government has made plans with the enterprises to help those in colleges and universities by enhancing a plan which gives graduates work and training experience. The local government does the contact work and convinces most of the enterprises so that they can provide job opportunities and internship programs for the graduates for a period of one year. During this period, the government supports the interns by providing for them a small allowance on a monthly basis.
After the end of the internship, the enterprise can either decide to absorb the interns depending on the effort made during the period of placement. Also, the government suggests that the graduates can stay in colleges and do research as co workers, and they get paid by the research funds. Through this, they ultimately get good pay that sustains their economic wellbeing so that they become responsible people in the society.
Most importantly, during the training sessions, the students are made aware that there employment market is flooded and they should try as much as possible to get self employed. Because of this, most of the graduates have started their own businesses to help them generate income for themselves without necessarily depending on the employment from the government.
Outcome of Unemployment
Generally, unemployment crisis is social, economic and political problem that affect every society. When the society is not empowered economically, it fails in all aspects. For example, unemployment creates social disparity between the rich and the poor. The rich, in most cases, does not find it comfortable associating themselves with the low class earners, which should not be the case.
Because of the problem, most of the many people who are employed in China do not have time to spend with the unemployed citizens because they actually do not merge at any aspect. The poor has their own shopping centers, lanes, rentals, slums, as opposed to the high class.
The economic and social aspect unemployment is that it leads to high dependency ratio. When most of the youth are not employed, they will entirely depend on their parents to provide for them everything including basic needs. On the other hand, the parents may feel overburdened, hence loosing the good social relationship and bond between themselves. On the same line, the families that are well of economically find it difficult to interact with the families that are not stable hence causing discrimination.
For example, those from rich families take their children to good schools where they can attain proper education and eventually succeed in life. On the other hand, the poor takes their children to slum school where the children cannot attain good education. This scenario widens the gap between the rich and the poor because there is no point where they meet social, hence widening their social inconsistency.
Unemployment leads to unethical stay in the society. When the citizens are not working, they become idle along the streets. They do not think positively in most cases. The fact that they have to eat shelter and socialize and the money factor to support them is a problem, they end up in ethical practices that can make them get money to support themselves.
Theft cases have been reported in most cases from young and old people who are not employed. It is not due their likeness, but the fact that they do not have what to generate for them income, they end up in such acts. On the same plinth, the government finds it difficult to manage the poor youths. This comes in the sense that that high number of them engages in malpractices which is against the government law, which eventually subjects them to physical torture. When the government is not in good terms with the youths, it is very difficult for the political stability to be in the nation.
Possible ways to Solve the Problems
In the real essence, the problem should be addressed amicable so that it does not affect both parties. The government should understand that they need the young people who are jobless for the peaceful movement in the nation. On the other hand, the young unemployed should understand that they require the government to help them in most of the problems they face. Both parties should be beneficial to one another for peaceful coexistence in the society.
First, the government should device various modalities to improve the employment issue. There should improved infrastructure to enhance people to move to every part of the nation to solicit for job opportunities. On the same note, the government should improve the housing system so that it can accommodate all the citizens without barrier. For example, those living in slums should be considered and be constructed for building that accommodates them peacefully.
On the same pedigree, the charges of the rent should be accommodating to all so that many do not suffer when it comes shelter coverage. Similarly, the government should encourage e-commercial business and logistics to help in boosting then youths who are economically down. Most importantly, the government should provide funds to the young people who are jobless so that they can start their own business operation.
In so doing, they will be dependant to themselves because they will be doing their own businesses and will not seek for employment. On the same dictum, it will be an advantage to the government too because there will revenue generated back to the government and peaceful coexistence will be maintained because the youths will no longer engage in the malpractices activities that can dent their image in the society.
On the other hand, it is important for the youths to understand that they are the leaders of tomorrow and whatever thing they do today, affect their life to come. In so doing, they should be focused minded in everything they do. They should work hand in hand with the government so that they realize their goals by the end of the day. People should also live in harmony with one another without discrimination of age, sex, race or social class.
When God created us, He was never discriminative and so we should emulate. The rich should embrace the poor and take care of them in most situations. They should be helped to get out of their poverty situations and make them stable. Most importantly, there should be peaceful coexistence between everyone living in the society, because when there is peace, there is love and harmony and it makes people to love and care for each other both socially, economically and even politically.

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