To Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 2 Week 2 From Classmate)

  The objective in this week’s class discussion board is very important I believe it is one of the most important things we are going to learn. Management is all about decisions everyday a decision process will be apart of our work. To make this effective we need the understanding of all areas that goes into a decision.
 We must know the way biases work in our thinking and especially the aspect of self-awareness. Self-awareness will help us see the biases in our thinking because in this we can see our own way of thinking. This will help us rely on the facts and use them more in the decisions we must make for effectiveness in the decision.
 We also need to understand the ethical part in the decision to give the facts and the outcome of the decision. We do not want a decision that may break laws in the effort to get the advantage we what in the market. This makes the decisions we make even if they fail not a issue of the law and maybe a law suite in which we do not need.
 Bounded awareness is a hard thing to grasp in away because it is hind sight things around us yet not seen. In away analytical view point is important. This means to search every aspect that could be involved in a decision before it is made. Trying to leave no stone unturned in order to make the decision in a more effective way. This means it sometimes having another pair of eyes could see the things we may not see on our known this means trusting the teams in place to put together good intel into all aspects of the decision.  

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