Tred Paper

The story of the prodigal son started with the younger son that asked his father to give him his portion of the family’s inheritance then the son got what he wanted and went off on a long journey to a distant land and began wasting his fortune. When the son ran out of money, he took a job feeding pigs. He was so poor that he was willing to eat the food for the pigs. One day, the son realized all his faults and he finally came into his senses.
He remembered his father and decided to return home to ask for forgiveness and mercy. His father welcomed his son with open arms. Due to the father’s happiness, he ordered his servants to prepare a celebration. Meanwhile, the older son was not happy when he came home, working the fields, only to find out that there was a party for the return of his younger brother. The father tried to prevent the older brother for being jealous and the father said “You are always with me, and everything I have is yours. So, from what I think, the younger son was selfish and immature for asking his part of the family’s inheritance even if that the father was not dead. Second, when the younger son took the job of feeding the pigs and even eating the pig’s food, it shows that he had sunk as low as he could possibly go. The son represents a person living in rebellion to God. I think that before we come into our sense, we should first experience failures.
Third, the father is the image of the Heavenly Father. God is a symbol of love and is patient. He helps us when we return to him with humble hearts. He is not interested from what we have done in the past but forgives us. Lastly, the older son represents an image of the Pharisees. By being self-righteousness, they forgot to be a happy when a sinner returns to God. I think that the bitterness and resentment are what kept the older son to forgive his younger brother.

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