unit One 4303

 Department Organization and Structure The University City Fire/Rescue Department is writing a new handbook specifically for chief fire officers. You have been assigned to complete the section of the handbook that addresses fire department organization and structure. Your assignment must include the following items: Include an introductory paragraph to introduce organization and structure. Explain structure, process, behavior/culture, vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Explain the purpose of training, education, and credentialing as it pertains to department organization. Describe how the implementation of Incident Action Plans, the Incident Management System, and data collection contributes to effective fire department organization. Further, correlate how this data can and will assist in trending and future planning for the agency. Describe the University City Fire/Rescue Department’s role in emergency management and how the leadership of the agency influences decisions of community leaders. Include an overview of the strategic planning process. Include an organizational structure chart for the University City, IA, Fire/Rescue Department. (Click here to access a PDF of the University City Fire/Rescue information document.) This assignment should be at least three full pages, not including the title and reference pages, and meet the following requirements: You are expected to use information you learned from this course. You are also encouraged to supplement with your personal experience. Your assignment must be written using the APA format, including citations and references. The assignment must be double-spaced. Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below 

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