ASSIGNMENT HELP | What specific preparatory interviewing skills would be important?


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This assignment provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate systems analysis with individuals, families, and community. Competency will be emphasized in engagement and assessment of individuals, families and community. This assignment will be discussed in class prior to your final submission.

  • Your paper should be approximately 6 pages, plus a final reference page; and should reflect critical thinking, clear writing, and demonstration of an understanding of the concepts. Use APA format for citations and refernces.
  • You may answer in narrative format the topic title for each question. (e.g. 1. Micro Perspective…)
  • Cover/Title page is not required.
  • Number your pages in top right corner
  • Your name should be indicated in top left corner of page 1 with assignment title.
  • At least three scholarly sources are required. (You must show where you got your ideas from.)

(i.e. John Doe- SWK 3370-Frozen River)

Your course texts may be used as sources (citations in APA format should include chapter or page number).

Please make sure to address each underlined concept.Evaluation rubric is posted in Blackboard and at the end of this assignment.

Case Analysis Questions

You must reference/cite sources to support your engagement and assessment method ideas using texts and any other scholarly sources.

1. Micro Perspective:

Choose two individual characters in this story/movie. Describe in one short paragraph per character, what specific skills and approach you believe would be necessary to effectively engage these individuals in the helping process.

Please address:

  • What specific preparatory interviewing skills would be important?
  • What are each individual’s strengths?
  • What are each individual’s barriers/challenges?
  • What are three examples of grief, loss, crisis, or cultural contexts do you need to be sensitive to when engaging each client?
  • How would you address self-determination and empowerment in your connection?
  • What would be most challenging for you in the engagement process?

2. Mezzo (family unit) Perspective:

Choose one of the two family systems and assess this family.

  • What are major conflicts and/or problems that this system is experiencing?(see Kirst-Ashman & Hull, ch. 9, and pp. 172-174.)Make sure to give an example for any of your observations.
  • What are this family system strengths?
  • What are this family barriers/challenges?
  • Give an example of two beliefs and/or values this family demonstrates that maintains their functioning, (whether healthy or unhealthy). Give an example(s) of specific interaction(s).

3. Macro Perspective:

  • Describe challenging community demographic factors that impact family functioning.Give an example(s).
  • Describe challenging community economic factors that impact family functioning.Give an example(s).
  • Identify at least two community issues that are evident in this story?
  • How would you approach identifying problems and/or needs that arise from these issues? (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, ch. 5).

4. Self-Reflection:

What would you find most challenging in working with any of these characters? What actions would you need to take to address these challenges to be an effective helper?

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