week 4 law homework

1) Explain the difference between a principal in the first degree and a principal in the second degree.

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2) Explain the difference between an accessory before the fact and an accessory after the fact. Which is punished more severely?

3) why was the classification of accomplice created?

4) what is the definition of conspiracy?

5) what qualifies as an overt act in conspiracy law?

6) The text suggest that members of a conspiracy don’t have to know one another. on a practical level, how could such a conspiracy be organized? Explain

7) Explained Wharton Rule

8) Explain solicitation

9) define premeditated murder.

10) what is the primary distinction between murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree?

11) how does specific intent factor into a consideration of homicide?

12) Explain motive

13) define corpus delicti

14) Explain the felony – murder doctrine

15) what is the difference between voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter?

16) what is the significance of the cooling off period in terms of prosecuting a murder charge?

17) explain the difference between assault and battery.

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