Week 5 Discussion

Criminal Investigation:
“Suicide and Elder Abuse”  Please respond to the following:

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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identified suicide as a common death investigation within the United States. In some instances, family members attempt to hide the fact that the person took their own life. Analyze the main reasons why persons would attempt to conceal such an event which could possibly lead them into receiving criminal charges themselves. Recommend at least one (1) action that the law enforcement could take in order to investigate such a suicide crime.

The National Center on Elder Abuse indicates that seniors are the fastest-growing population in the United States. It is apparent that as this populace becomes more physically frail, they are seemingly a greater target for the unscrupulous to take advantage. Discuss the main reasons why abuse of seniors is recognized yet usually goes unreported. Next, suggest one (1) action that citizens or family members could take to reduce elder abuse. Provide a rationale to support your response. 

       The Medical Examiner came and you all flipped and examined the body.. Under the body you found a 40 caliber Glock.  You did not notice any entry or exit wounds however the body was in pretty bad decomposition.  The ME took the body to conduct an autopsy and toxicology report.
        The mother making the initial call called dispatch to find out what is going on with the original welfare check, remember the one from week 1? You advised dispatch that you would call her back however dispatch advises you that the mother is at the police department. As you are going through the house you realize that Mr. Charlie Strayer is married and has one child, a boy. You call the wife however she does not respond.

What evidence are you collecting?
Do you go and speak with the mother at the PD?
Who is the next of kin?
If you do speak to the mother, what are you going to say?

Professor Jay

World Cultures I:
“Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage” Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

Describe the main purpose of the Hajj in the Muslim faith, and identify two (2) specific aspects of the Hajj that you find fascinating or significant. Next, explain the association between Muhammad and the area of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Lastly, describe the sacred art of Islam’s key qualities, and explain the fundamental reasons why Muslim artists of sacred works are reluctant to include images of humans (i.e., at least in sacred areas). Think of a place of worship (of any religion) today, and explain which type of artistic tradition would be more conducive to worship: Byzantine art (Chapter 8), Hindu art (Chapter 7), or Muslim art (Chapter 9).

Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage  

Chapter 9 (pp. 288-295, 306-308), Dome of the Rock, Hajj, calligraphy, art (pp. 274-7), Christian mosaics in Ravenna; review the Week 5 Music Folder
National Geographic on the Hajj at
Walking tour of Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and structures around it at (Focus on what you wish; the entire tour is lengthy)

Please be sure to use Template for Discussion Week 5 
Minimum of 125 Words
Template for Week 5 Discussion -“Muslim Structures and Pilgrimage”

Hello class and Dr. C, here is my main discussion post for Week 5 ” 
The purpose of the Hajj and two interesting aspects of this event and why interesting to you?
This part should be pretty easy as there is lots of information on the Hajj, check out any of these websites for more information (but remember to write everything in your own words):
Discuss the relationship between Mohammad and the Dome of the Rock:
Again this is a pretty easy concept to assess, just check out this site for further information:
Sacred Art in the Islamic World:
This is probably the most challenging aspect of the discussion this week, try to assess
1. Why Islamic art is relatively free of visual imagery and assess 
2. Why they use primarily calligraphy as a sacred art form and then compare it to Christian art, which is very visual.  
3.. Why don’t mosques have a lot of paintings and sculptures in them like many Christian churches do?
The Relationship Between Art and Worship: In your own words:
Finally, think about whether or not having lots of visual imagery and music (like many Christian churches do) or a more plain and quiet area (like many mosques and some other Christian groups do) is more conducive to worship.  There is really no wrong answer here, just think about it and give me your insights as to why one or the other method you think is preferable.

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