What I Saw and How I Lied

What I saw and how I lied, by Judy Blundell, tells the story of a young plain Jane, Evie, who takes an adventurous trip with her family, but what doesn’t know is that she will be thrown into the middle of a suspicious death, or worse, murder. This elegant, detail-driven tale smoothly segues into a whodunit page turner, while unwinding a web of lies and fake people. Placed back in 1947 after World War II, Evelyn Spooner and parents, Beverly and Joe Spooner, just began to fall back to a normal routine after the return of her step -father.Although, Joe brought back with him more than just war stories, he brought back the idea of an elaborate trip to Florida. Little did any of them know, by driving to Florida for their vacation they were driving straight into a tragedy that would shatter their family and break their life’s in two.
The drive was long, at some points I thought it would never end. I wanted to be there be in the Florida sun and feel what Joe had been talking about for the last week. He had told me and mom that when we reach Florida you can taste to oranges in the air and smell the ocean for miles away.Mom sat in the front seat, she was beautiful, the envy of the whole town all the men stared at her as she walked by. She is tan, skinny, and toned, her long blonde hair tumbled down her back in perfect curls almost making the effect of a waterfall. The way she carries herself, the way she could light a cigarette with one swift motion. Then there was Joe, he reminds me more of a Ken doll, he had big muscle that showed through his shirt and he had short hair from the war together they were like beauty and the beast.
Then there was me people always told me I was beautiful but until last summer I never notice that when people said I was beautiful they just lumped me together with me mother, it kind of went like “ Sure your beautiful kido, look where you came from. ” When we finally reach Florida it was hot and humid, nothing like Joe had explained. The hotel was huge and grand. All the men walked through the lobby with a woman linked to their arm or tangled through their fingers. The woman looked as if they were gliding with their long dresses and diamond ecklaces draped over their chest which were perfectly place in nice lace bras with the fringe slightly peek out of silk dresses. I felt like fish out of water, with my shorts and red face, my hair was drenched in sweat, all I wanted was a bath. Mom look like gold, she had her favorite blue sundress on it reach the floor, it came in tightly around the waist making any girl jealous of her petit frame her hair looked as it did just after she had fixed it this morning her face was freshly powered and her red lipstick was a very flattering shade.

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I was glad to see that Joe didn’t look so perfect he was sweating heavily and his right arm was sunburned from hanging out the window the whole ride down. The suite had two rooms and living room and kitchen, mom quickly chose her room and hung up all of her dresses, laid out all her perfumes in a row on the dresser, and set out her make up in the bathroom. The first two weeks had flown by and we were starting to get bored. Then we meet Peter he was a young ex-GI, and had come to Florida to take care of some business for his father.I and mom began to spend much time with him we would go to the movie and to the beach sometimes even all day car rides through the country. I began to fall in love with Peters charm he was just like mom he had Blonde hair and bright blue eyes, he was tan and toned. My love for him became stronger and stronger to the point where I would think about him all the time and when I wasn’t with him I would want to be.
Father spent most of his time going places with Mr. Garson, whom he had meet and they were planning a business together when we got back to New York.There was something about Peter that father didn’t like, but I hadn’t noticed it back then. I was too busy finding ways to see Peter, but when he would ask me to go somewhere mom would always tag along. I wanted just to be alone with him and let him see how I was when my mommy wasn’t there. One night we all went out to dinner at one of the nicest restaurants in town. Mom and Mrs.
Garson and dressed me they had put powder on my face and even let me wear lipstick.I know I look stupid but I wanted to prove Peter that I could be look like and adult and not a 15 year girl. After dinner we went outside and wanted for the cars. Peter put his arm around me and something just felt right, well at least to me it did. Joe saw and smoke blow out of his head. HE took a swing at Peter but Peter had duck just in time to miss Joe’s muscular hand. The next day at breakfast Joes tone had changed.
He was asking mom and peter he they wanted to out on the ocean on a boat he had rented.Mom said she didn’t want to go because people were talking g about how there was going to be a hurricane that day, but in the end mom, Joe, and Peter all ended up going. Being at the hotel alone was boring, I mainly walked around the lobby and just did nothing. Until, later that evening the maid came knocking o my hotel door and said that everyone was evacuating the hotel. I quickly pack mine, Joes and moms things. In the lobby there were few people turns out a lot of guest and left earlier that day.They took us all down to the court house, where there was a basement.
Almost the whole town was there and Peter and everyone else had not returned. I was nervous and I wanted them to be here, holding me telling me it would be okay. I had fallen asleep sometime during the, but when I wake up I was in the police station. The told me that my mom and father had got off the boat and found shelter but for the young me he had fallen of board and was missing. My heart sunk, for the fact my parents had been found, but also for the fact that Peter was missing.

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