What is inflammation?

This is term that is used to describe a reaction of localized tissues that is irritated, or can be cause because of an injury, infection, redness and swelling. There are several types of disease that cause severe inflammation, one disease that is very bad is Encephalitis this is an inflammation of the brain. This particular condition can happen to anyone at any age, all over the world. If encephalitis develops very rapidly, it can cause serious problems to the nervous system and the brain.
If the body produces antibodies to fight the inflammation there’s a chance that they could make a mistake and attack the healthy brain tissue instead of the tissue that is inflamed. If this is not cured it could end up being life threatening. This is just one of many infections that cause by inflammation. How body reacts to inflammation are is by detecting where the exact location the inflammation is. When the body knows where it is it can send out anti bodies to eat the infection that is causing the inflammation.
The symptoms of inflammation are it can be red and warm because of a large amount of blood reaching the swollen area. It can be very painful at time especially at the site of infection. There are many way to relief the pain, redness, and swelling is to put ice on it, also some inflammatory ointment can also be used to help reduce the sign of inflammation. Normally the inflammation only last till the infection has been totally healed after that there should no long be any inflammation.

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Sometimes during the process of the cells healing itself the cells can die of lack of nutrients known necrotic death, another way that the cells can die is from committing suicide by destroying themselves, this is known as Apoptotic death. When our body finds that there is an inflammation our body quickly reposed and kills the intruder. Then once the infection has been killed then the inflammation should go away. There are so many various things that can cause an inflammation in our body.

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