Who am I really?

Who am I? What makes me the person who I am today? Might I first start this essay off by saying that I loathe these tell me about yourself type assignments. For me they seem to take an eternity to self evaluate and right It down and not to mention having to blemish out any of the more fun details. But you seem to be a really good teacher and If you were willing to share some secrets of your past to the class, then It only feels right to share some of mine with you.
So here it goes . My name is Xavier Nathaniel ( I never learned how to spell my middle name) Lunar and I was born on swept 26, 1995 in down town fort worth . My mom was super young when she had me so my early life was spent at home with my grandma as my mother tried to finish school. While living with my grandma I spent a lot of time with my uncles (they were still in high school) watching them play video games, going to movies, etc. But then I finally made friends with the neighbor kid and his older brother.
After a while I began to really trust them and hangout with them ore often but one day I got into a incident with the older brother and it left me pretty bucked up In the head. So by the time my mom finished school I was going Into first grade and after the things that happen with the neighbor kid I was left feeling emasculated and this caused me to feel really left out with all the other boys In my class. So when they started to pick on me old get really angry and fight them Welch eventually led to me going into anger management classes.

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All the while me and my mother lived within a church but by the time I was in Ruth grade she and this guy she met within the church moved away from there and move into the outskirts of down town fort worth. At first there relationship was pretty solid they never yelled at each other or argued . And personally I loved the guy , at the time my father was in prison so I never really got to meet him, but the guy (Jon) treated me like his son wed spend time together watch t. V , played video games, and even talked about girls who I liked in school.
But after awhile things between him and my mom were getting really bad they were fighting and arguing all the time. Getting into literal fist fights and what not . Come to find out In the future he was coke addict. So they stayed In this on and off roller coaster of a marriage up until last week. But when I was younger all there crap took bait of a toll on me. I was again always bitter and angry and plus hitting puberty wasn’t too fun either. School offered no sanctuary. Every day I was constantly ridiculed and picked on .
One day after Jon kicked my mom, his 2 kids and I out of his house , I had finally gotten fed up with all he people bucking with me so again I had gotten into a string of fights But this time no body really cared eventually the kids left me alone , and my mom was trying to make the best of a Shiite situation so there wasn’t much attention offered there . At that time I didn’t have to many real friends and the “friends” I did have didn’t really feel like I was apart of there group . That left me feeling in a pretty funky state so I started cutting myself.
And I know this sounds kind of morbid but it was always a leisure to feel the sharp pains of those late nights, as the endorphins rushed threw my body everything felt Like It was going to be alright . Things that make me the individual who I am today and I doubt there even relevant anymore. The person who sits in your class room is a person who has gotten over his past life and now I strive to make what ever future I have to be better for myself . I have learned a lot threw all the things thieve gone on in my life, some I wish I didn’t have to learn so early but that’s life .
Vive learned to truly forgive the people that ring me , I learned push on in life even when things are going bad, vive learned that to truly be happy in life you have to have some sort of respect for yourself and love the person who you are. And IM still learning new things about myself or life in general everyday and I hope I continue to learn. =) and IM sorry for acting like a brat in your class you’re a really cool teacher who deserves to be treated better . But its something that IM working on, there’s always room for improvement you know . But hopefully this was what you were looking for, sorry if it seems rushed.

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